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Richard Connelly

About the Boston Fire Department

The Boston Fire Department employees over 1400 uniformed fire personnel working out of 35 stations. According to the Boston Fire Department, “The officers of the fire fighting force have the following titles and are ranked in the following descending order: Chief of Department; Chief of Operations; Deputy Fire Chief; District Fire Chief; Fire Captain; and, Fire Lieutenant.

The fire fighting force is organized into divisions, districts, and companies. There are 2 divisions and 11 districts (1 and 3 through 12). Each division is under the command of a Deputy Fire Chief and each district is under the command of a District Fire Chief. Division 1 is comprised of Districts 1, 3 (includes old district 2), 4, 6, and 11. Division 2 is comprised of Districts 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12. The companies are classified as follows: Engine Company; Ladder Company; Rescue Company; Tower Company; and, Marine Unit.

All companies are under the command of a Fire Captain and are divided into four working groups (shifts). Three of the four working groups are under the supervision of a Fire Lieutenant. Minimum staffing on all companies (except for the Rescue Companies, Tower Company, and Marine Unit) is one officer and three fire fighters per shift. The Rescue Companies, Tower Company, and Marine Unit are staffed with a minimum of one officer and four fire fighters per shift.”

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