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Thomas J. Bouquard

About the Buffalo Fire Department
The Buffalo Fire Department is the principal fire and rescue service for the city of Buffalo, New York. It is the largest fire department in Upstate New York. The department traces its roots to the early bucket brigades, which provided fire services from the early inception of the Village of Buffalo in the early 1800's until the creation of the paid department on July 1, 1880. The Buffalo Fire Department had its origins from the old volunteer fire companies with names like Pioneer, Neptune, Fillmore, Clinton, Rescue, Citizen's, Defiance, Eagle, Taylor and many others that had protected the emerging city. As the demand for fire protection increased, the increase of population, the department was converted to a paid career department on July 1, 1880.


Presently, the Buffalo Fire Department operates out of 19 firehouses. The oldest active firehouse is Engine 19's quarters which are over 120 years old.




Selected book by a Buffalo Fire Department fire official.

Arson Investigation: The Step-By-Step Procedure
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