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Chief Ed Daniels “spent more than 14 years with Colorado’s Foothills Fire and Rescue as a firefighter, officer, board member and chief before he retired from firefighting. Daniels still volunteers for the Jefferson County Emergency Operations Center, and he maintains a thriving consulting business.  He spent over three decades as an executive with national technology and healthcare corporations. The author holds degrees in industrial engineering and psychology. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Highland Rescue Team Ambulance District in Colorado”. Ed Daniels is the author of Fire Chief: The Story of a Volunteer Firefighter.”

According to the book description of Fire Chief: The Story of a Volunteer Firefighter, “Retired Fire Chief pens reflections on his life as a volunteer firefighter. “Fire Chief” by Ed Daniels shares experiences and sacrifices until now known only to the volunteers themselves. In his first novel, “Fire Chief; The Story of a Volunteer Firefighter,” author Ed Daniels recalls his life as a volunteer firefighter in the mountains of Colorado. Based on actual events, the book takes readers into the heat which countless volunteer firefighters face every day throughout the world. Most people don’t realize that the majority of the firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics who respond to fires and accidents in rural areas are volunteers. These First Responders sacrifice time with their families and their careers, responding at a moment’s notice to protect the lives and property of those who need them.

While he fictionalizes his characters and locations, “Fire Chief” describes Daniels’ actual experiences and encounters in frightening detail. He relates stories of house fires, wildfires, car accidents and back country rescues as they really happened. We gain insight into what was going through his mind, his emotions and his reactions as he responded to horrific incidents sometimes involving family and friends. Woven throughout his emergency encounters, Daniels describes what it is like for a volunteer fire chief trying to balance the load of raising a family, handling a career, and leading a team of sometimes unruly volunteers. Readers go along for the journey as he grows into an expert leader who eventually retires, and reflects on his lifetime of bravery and public service. Daniels said. “I want others to be inspired to volunteer and to see for themselves what life is like as a First Responder. People should have a better understanding of what their neighbors and friends are experiencing as volunteer firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics.”

Fire Chief: The Story of a Volunteer Firefighter
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About the Colorado’ Hills Fire and Rescue
According to their website, “The Foothills Fire Protection District was created January 1, 1997. Three independent Fire Protection Districts joined together to form a new District. The Foothills Fire Protection District is governed by a board of five members. They operate under Colorado Revised Statutes Title 32. The Board of Directors have adopted the Rules and Regulations of the Foothills Fire Protection District and the International Fire Code 2000. The Board also has established and reviews and accepts changes to the Operational guidelines, as well as its Long Range Plan, for Operational Foothills Fire and Rescue. Each member is elected for a four year term and vacancies are filled by the Board until the next scheduled election that occurs every two years. The Board selects a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer from the members. The Department elects officers from its members annually according to the Rules and Regulations and the Operational Guidelines. The district has paid employees for the management and implementation of its authority."

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