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Gary B. Clark

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Gary B. Clark worked one summer as a seasonal firefighter for the then California Division of Forestry, before joining the U.S. Air Force in 1962.  After his military service, he joined Saratoga Fire Department (California) as a volunteer.  He served with the Saratoga Fire Department from February 1966 to December of 1971. After moving to the Monterey Peninsula, he served as a volunteer with Pacific Grove Fire Department from 1978 to 1985.  He served as a Deputy Director for the California State Firefighters’ Association Central Division for about 7 years, and Northern Division for about 5 years. Gary B. Clark is the author of Golfing In America: Golfing Observations & Train Travel Amid Short Stories.

According to the book description of FROM HERO TO INMATE: The Destructive Path Some Veterans Choose, "How is it possible for a hero to end up in jail or prison? Simply put, that hero makes some bad choices. For almost nine years, I went into the King County Jail system to try to help veterans who were in jail. I worked for the State of Washington Department of Veterans Affairs, assigned to the King County Veterans Program's VIP - Veterans Incarcerated Project. FROM HERO TO INMATE, The Destructive Path Some Veterans Choose presents actual, but anonymous, case histories to demonstrate the bad choices some veterans make, and what I did to try to help them get on to a better life outcome. FROM HERO TO INMATE, The Destructive Path Some Veterans Choose also uses case histories of what some veterans did to reach a good outcome. Many veterans unknowingly have mental health issues, including Depression and PTSD, that effect their behavior. Often, those issues lead to alcohol and drug problems, as the veteran tries to self medicate in an attempt to feel good or feel better. FROM HERO TO INMATE, The Destructive Path Some Veterans Choose lists many resources for veterans to get some help, if they want to get help. My goal is to try to reach out and help veterans and service providers who work with veterans. By using actual case histories, and resources for help, many veterans and service providers might benefit."

According to the book description of The Sculptor and Other Thrilling Tales, THE SCULPTOR and 44 more thrilling tales, including: The Guy With The White Hair, The Last Night Of The Hyena, The Last Surprise, No Fortune In The Fortune Cookie, A Scratch In The Night, The Shooter, Gabe's Great Grub, A Sad Ending, The Murder, Big Trees, Squinty Eyed Joe And The Flaming Hemmorhoids, Pappy's Last Day, Somewhere In Florida, The Nuns And Bad Language At The Fire, Mrs. Palla's Wild Ride, The Ant Lady, The D.B. Cooper Episode, The Chocolate Cream Pie Incident, High Pressure 90, Strangers In The Night, The Potato Man, The Tears Of A Clown, My Seven Days In October, The Elevator Maggot. The Second Chair, Din of Iniquity, The Fracas At 6AM, Six Seconds, John's Last Call, Lenny The Bank Walker, Dream Sruck, The Fire And The Raccoons, The Pierce Road Fire, The Alice Episode, A Guardian Angel Encounter?, Sleeping Through The Fire Call, The EMpty Chair, Al's Extrerminating Service, The Pee-Ping Tom, Post Mortem, Tag Man, The Stranger On The Train, The Mystery Shitter, and The Sculptor.

According to the book description of Golfing In America: Golfing Observations & Train Travel Amid Short Stories, “While ‘Amtraking’ to a golf course; the sights, sounds, and happenings on the train; plus happenings and views through the window, during two very strange Amtrak train rides, help set the stage for a collection of short stories. Please note: The author plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from this book's sales to programs helping homeless and at-risk veterans, and, community helping organizations. Blended with the various AMTRAK train happenings, sights and sounds, and the author's past fire department anecdotes, the reader will encounter: John’s Last Call, $29.95 Slacks, Six Seconds, Post Mortem, Nicky’s Exterminating Service, Tag Man, Somewhere in Florida, Lenny The Bank Walker, The Alice Episode, Call in The Night, The Sculptor, Fracas at 6:42 AM, A Scratch in The Night, Potato Man, Stranger on The Train, The Elevator Maggot, Last Night of The Hyena, No Fortune in The Fortune Cookie, The Guy With The White Hair, The Tears of a Clown, Ben’s Wild Ride, Big Trees, and Old Pappy. All combine to make a very interesting read. For golfers, the main nugget is learning the secret of what is quite possibly the most challenging, "golfer wallet friendly,” golf course to play in America.”

About the Saratoga Fire District

According to the Saratoga Fire District, “The District employs 24 full-time firefighting personnel and approximately 25 volunteer firefighters. In addition, the district employs a fire chief, a business manager, assistant chief, fire marshall, EWAS coordinator and a part-time general office clerk. The district maintains a fire station at 14380 Saratoga Avenue and operates two "on-line" firefighting vehicles, one reserve vehicle, one command vehicle, a multi-purpose truck which performs rescue and serves as an additional source of air and light, and one administrative vehicle.

The Saratoga Fire District has a unique history of low response times, efficient service, and dedication to protecting our residents. It is the mission of the Saratoga Fire District to provide the most effective and efficient fire and life safety while protecting lives, property, and the environment within the district.”

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