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Jill Meryl Levy owns her own business called Firebelle Productions. She is an author and publisher, specializing in books on hazardous materials emergency response and more effective writing. She also teaches classes on more effective writing and produces brochures, booklets, and newsletters for fire departments and industry. Jill has been a volunteer firefighter for the Santa Clara County Fire Department in California since 1980.  Jill Meryl Levy is the author of The First Responder's Field Guide to Hazmat & Terrorism Response; The First Responder's Pocket Guide to Radiation Incidents; Hazmat Chemistry Study Guide; The Hazmat Chemistry Mini Review; Take Command of Your Writing; and, Crimes Against the English Language.

Hazmat and Terrorism emergency

The First Responder's Field Guide to Hazmat & Terrorism Emergency Response (2006 Edition)

According to the book description, Put vital information at your fingertips when you need it most ... at an incident. This handy field guide covers most of the operational level first responder competencies identified in NFPA 47 and 473, with guidelines to help you recognize and safely manage any hazmat incident or WMD event. Its the perfect companion to the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG). The book is spiral bound for easy use in the field, with printed tabs to quickly distinguish each chapter.

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Hazmat and chemistry study guide

Hazmat Chemistry Study Guide (Second Edition) and The Hazmat Chemistry Review

According to the book description, The Hazmat Chemistry Study Guide reviews information covered in many hazmat chemistry classes nationwide. Much of the information is streamlined and simplified to facilitate comprehension. Each concept is covered in an average of three or four pages, then is followed by a series of mostly multiple-choice review questions similar to what students can expect to see on their final exams. Students who can easily answer these questions should do well on the final exam in class.

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first responders pocket guide to
                                    radiation incidents

The First Responder's Pocket Guide to Radiation Incidents 

According to the book description, At last, emergency responders have a resource that pulls the most critical information about handling radiation incidents into a pocket-size field guide. Incidents involving life-threatening levels of radiation are rare. Yet many people are disproportionately afraid of radiation incidents because they've received so little training. This book covers most of what first responders need to know while waiting for assistance from subject matter experts.

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Take Command of Your Writing

According to the book description, Being able to write well is essential if you want to present your ideas effectively. It will help you write better letters, training manuals, SOPs, and other documents. It can help you write more accurate reports and build stronger court cases. It may even help you place higher on promotional exams. Take Command of Your Writing is a comprehensive grammar reference book geared specifically for emergency services personnel, with every example being fire-, police-, hazmat-, or EMS-related. Each chapter provides a thorough coverage of the rules, answering many questions that other grammar books leave unanswered. However, the most important rules are highlighted in easy-to-read sidebars for quick reference.

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crimes against the English Language

Crimes Against the English Language

According to the book description, Quickly improve your writing by reviewing common problems in grammar, punctuation, and word choice, cleverly presented as criminal cases. Examples of common violations include:  Creating comma splices and run-on sentences; Punctuating sentences incorrectly; Misusing abbreviations and acronyms; Using apostrophes incorrectly to form plurals and possessives; Using the wrong words; Cluttering documents with redundant, weak, or superfluous words; Omitting important details or words necessary for grammatical or logical completeness; and, Creating awkward, confusing, or embarrassing sentences with needless shifts, misplaced modifiers, and dangling modifiers.

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About the Santa Clara County Fire Department
The Santa Clara County Fire Department is a full service fire department which has evolved through fire consolidations and contracts. In 1947, two agencies - the Cottage Grove Fire District and the Oakmead Farms Fire District - were consolidated to form the Santa Clara County Central Fire Protection District (now known as Santa Clara County Fire Department). This consolidation was the result of the California Division of Forestry withdrawing from the valley floor when its contract with Santa Clara County was terminated in 1947.


In that same year an election was held which authorized the Department to provide fire suppression services to the unincorporated area stretching from Highway 9 east across the valley to Mount Hamilton and south to the Almaden area.  In 1970, the Department consolidated with the Burbank Fire District and the Alma Fire District, and contracted with the Town of Los Gatos for fire protection services.


Today, the Santa Clara Fire Department serves Santa Clara County and the communities of Campbell, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, Morgan Hill and Saratoga.  In 2006, the Santa Clara Fire Department handled 13, 449 incidents.



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