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Chief Kelly Daugherty began his fire service career in 1975 as a part-time/volunteer firefighter/EMT with the Shelby Township Fire Department. He was promoted to a career position in 1978. He worked through the ranks, obtaining positions as a fire apparatus operator, aerial tower operator, advanced EMT, shift lieutenant, and fire captain. In 1996, Chief Kelly Daugherty accepted the position of assistant chief with the Williamson Fire Department, and in 1999, accepted the position of fire chief for the Packer Township Fire Protection District. Chief Daugherty has extensive experience in fire, emergency medical service (EMS), and emergency management and is active in various professional associations.

Chief Daugherty is the past state fire director, past economic committee chairman, past member of the Richmond County Local Emergency Planning Commission, and a five-term past vice president of the Richmond County Fire Chiefs Association. Kelly Daugherty earned a bachelor of science degree in fire and safety engineering technology, a master of science degree in public safety leadership; is a graduate of the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program (EFO); and is certified as a Chief Fire Officer Designate (CFO) from the Centers for Public Safety Excellence. Chief Kelly Daugherty is the author of Conspiracy among America’s Heroes.

According to the book description of Conspiracy among America’s Heroes, “Anyone who is a manager, supervisor, leader, or involved with human-relations issues needs to read this book, and learn from these truculent life lessons and use them for future reference. Are you willing to take the ethical challenge?”

One reader of Conspiracy among America’s Heroes said, “My wife bought me this book to read over the thanksgiving holiday and boy did I get my eyes open! This is a well written book and clearly illustrates what is happening in our communities. I even spoke with other public safety officials and they said that this book is correct and is not fiction. Definitely something to tell other! It is funny how they want more and more but are not willing to give back to the community. It appears that they are riding on the 9/11 shirt-tales. How can anyone be so selfish? Chief Daugherty did a nice job explaining the various situations and is well written. I would recommend this book to all of my friends, especially those in public service. I see that there are a number of negative comments. Perhaps these folks are afraid to be honest and take the ethical challenge! This is sad and people must realize that negative people NEVER win.”

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