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Lisa Spahr, a former volunteer firefighter in her hometown of Wellsville (Pennsylvania), “is an investigative psychologist who owns a life coaching and consulting business in Pittsburgh PA. Ms. Spahr has an extensive history in the field of research for universities and private organizations, focusing on law and psychiatry research, military applications, and policing operations and tactics. Examples of her work include: examining the construct of psychopathy in prisoner and juvenile populations, and creating guidelines for suicide bomb response for police officers in the United States.

Ms. Spahr's respect for veterans- which started with her respect for her grandfather and his brothers- led her to work for the American Legion's Washington, D.C., office for several years as a researcher and advocate examining issues related to the Gulf and Vietnam conflicts. This is her first book outside of technical writing in her professional fields.

Ms. Spahr was born in Wellsville, PA. At the age of 19 she left to pursue her degree in Philadelphia. From there she has lived in and visited cities across the globe such as Rome, Liverpool, Side (Turkey), Amsterdam, Glasgow, and Heidelberg. Her work has taken her to live in Washington, D.C. several times, but she continues to return to the home she has made for herself in Pittsburgh. She returned in 2007 to establish her own practice helping others realize their goals and be more successful in their work and home environments.

Ms. Spahr received her bachelor of arts degree in psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia and Rome, Italy and her master's of science degree in investigative psychology from the University of Liverpool in England.  She is a member of the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA), Business Networks International (BNI), Pittsburgh Professional Women (PPW) and several Chambers of Commerce.

Her hobbies include traveling, working on her Victorian home, and hiking with her favorite pals, Syrah Jayne- the Airedale - and Louie B- the American Bulldog/Staffordshire mix. Lisa Spahr is the author of World War II Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion.

According to the book description of World War II Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion, “More than 60 years had passed before she found them. Dozens of letters written to her family during WWII-from total strangers-to tell her great-grandmother that her son had been captured and was being held as a POW. How did they know this? Through short-wave radio, POWs were allowed to state their names and hometowns and sometimes relay a short message to their families. Scores of Americans, listening to the German propaganda from so far away, heard her grandfather's information and took it upon themselves to write to her great-grandmother. All of these dear people wanted to give her great-grandmother a measure of comfort to know her son was alive. That was only the beginning of her journey. This book is a dedication to them-the radio heroes of WWII.”

World War II Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion
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About the Wellsville Fire Company

According to the Wellsville Fire Company, the “York County Station 66, is located in Northern York County. We currently have approximately 15 active firefighters, and we run about 180 fire calls per year. Station 66 covers approximately forty-five square miles including three municipalities; Wellsville Borough, Warrington Township, and one third of Washington Township. These areas include 3,500 acres of state land (Gifford Pinchot State Park), the state game lands, and a ski resort, Ski Roundtop. We currently operate out of one station. The company runs two engines, a tanker, a rescue-pumper, and a brush truck. Wellsville is a rural company, and we do not have fire hydrants. However, throughout the years our members have put dry hydrants at ponds and streams, which makes getting water easier.”

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