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Patrick O’Brian “is a professional firefighter in Muncie, Indiana. He enjoys theme parks, photography, travel, and working online. He writes mysteries in his spare time, and has since high school.”  Patrick O’Brian is the author of The Brotherhood; Sleeping Phoenix; Dysfunction; Sins of the Father; Reaper; Sawmill Road; Six Days; Snowbound; Ghosts of West Baden; Retribution; Stolen Time; and, The Fallen.

According to the book description of The Fallen, “Gas is poured. A match is lit. Another church crumbles to the ground in a heap of ashes and embers. With plans to retire in the near future, Fire Marshal Rich Goeller is drawn into one final case that will define his legacy as an arson investigator. When three churches burn to the ground, each with similar patterns left by the arsonist, Goeller enlists the help of a local police detective, who happens to be his nephew. Using their combined experience, the two are closing in on the arsonist when a tragic event threatens to destroy their investigation and shake their city to its foundation.”

According to the book description of Stolen Time, “A serial killer is targeting cops in a Chicago suburb, and Detective Joe Garrett is determined to discover his identity before another one of his fellow police officers is murdered. A hardened investigator, Garrett follows a string of murders spanning four decades, once every five years to the date. With his own personal problems, and the holidays closing in, Garrett discovers time is a more precious commodity than he ever anticipated. Every clue he finds seems to lead to a dead end. Choosing to research potential victims by riding with the patrolmen he figures are prime targets, the investigator befriends a salty officer, developing a unique relationship based on their parallel careers. Garrett must ultimately unravel the politics hindering his investigation and discover the killer's true motives before someone he knows becomes the last victim in a gruesome ritual coming full circle.”

According to the book description of Retribution, “A year has passed since a series of gruesome murders took place at the West Baden Springs Hotel, but the past refuses to rest. Firefighter Paul Clouse continues to work on the hotel as a designer, though things have changed, and he struggles daily to forget the friends he's lost. The beautiful landmark is now completely renovated, and ready for a grand opening, which is doomed before it even begins. Clouse himself becomes the first target of a new, more vicious killer, who brings a greater mystery with him. It soon becomes apparent the hotel harbors deep secrets that trace back to the mysterious Father Ernest and the Jesuits who once resided there. With a new, dark group known only as the Coven threatening their lives, the remaining survivors from the previous year piece together a mystery that may very well have begun during the hotel's original construction. One by one they fall, but with each drop of blood spilled on the hotel's grounds, it reveals another clue necessary to solve the killer's scheme.”

According to the book description of Ghosts of West Baden, “Following a disastrous attempt to sell the West Baden Springs Hotel, Paul Clouse and his family move into the historic building. Clouse hopes to regain trust from local residents, after several gruesome incidents, by creating jobs with his newly-constructed a casino near the famed hotel. His family is constantly surrounded by bodyguards as the hotel opens to the public for the first time since 1932.Clouse senses his family may still be in danger from unseen evil forces, receiving confirmation of his fears soon enough. Taunting notes are left for him, then the body count rises once more, leaving him the option to flee, or confront an evil power fueled by a satanic cursed object. He soon realizes he has little choice in the matter as his family and friends are endangered by what he believes are the remains of Martin Smith's devoted Coven. If they haven't found a way to bring Smith back from the dead, they soon will, and Clouse knows his nemesis would bring doom to anyone around the hotel. In a final showdown between good and evil, Clouse realizes he must stop the Coven to save his family, even if it costs him his own life.”

According to the book description of Six Days, “Police sergeant Tim Packard is a man known for getting things done. When a new police chief is appointed, Packard heads up a new task force designed to cut down recent drug trafficking in a Central Indiana city. The attention of his new task force is quickly diverted, however, when a group of terrorists invades his city. Wreaking havoc, the terrorists set out to randomly murder citizens, poison the water supply, and blow up key buildings. When Packard discovers one of the terrorists might have a link to one of his officers, things only grow worse. Forced to decide where to place his loyalty, and whom to trust, the sergeant realizes the fate of his city rests almost entirely on his shoulders. Not a man who plays by the rules, Packard puts the safety of others and his reputation ahead of everything else. He and his men do whatever it takes to bring criminals to justice, and decide to use their own brand of justice against the terrorists. Outgunned, outnumbered, and seemingly one step behind the terrorists at all times, the task force members use their knowledge of their city, investigative experience, and a few dirty tricks to track their new enemies. Unsure of whom to trust, Packard ultimately withdraws himself from a group of emergency personnel formed to stop the terrorists, much to the dismay of his superiors. Deciding to place complete trust in his own group, and his knack for getting jobs done, he risks everything to save the city in which he has lived his entire life. Should he fail, thousands could die, and if he succeeds, it may be at the cost of his own career.”

According to the book description of Sawmill Road, “When Terry Levine is called to investigate a triple homicide five hours away from home, he knows the case won't be routine. A veteran investigator with the New York State Police, Levine quickly suspects he may be dealing with a blossoming serial killer. A task force comprised of state troopers, the FBI, and Erie County Sheriff's Department personnel follow what few leads come their way. With no answers forthcoming, Levine thinks outside the box to track the killer, whose murderous rampage draws the investigators into neighboring counties. A secret from the past holds the key to discovering the killer's identity, though finding him may prove far more difficult. The case takes a personal turn for the investigator when people he knows are targeted by the murderer. A cat and mouse game ensues when the police believe they discover the killer's motive, and his next victim, that sends them scurrying through Buffalo to catch him. Every clue leads to a dead end, leaving Levine and his team wondering if they can catch the mass murderer before he disappears for good.”

According to the book description of Sleeping Phoenix, “One year after his hometown of Muncie, Indiana is invaded by terrorists bent on revenge, Sergeant Tim Packard takes a personal day to chaperone his daughter at a theme park. When a park guest dies right before his eyes, everyone thinks a tragic accident has occurred, but Packard knows better. His presence is the catalyst of an evil plan.  A terrorist known as Chung-Hee Kim orders Packard to call his officers to the park under the threat of hundreds more dying. He calls Clay Branson, knowing his best officer’s special training may be the only hope for the thousands of unsuspecting guests inside the park. Monitored by the terrorists, and under orders to go where they are told, the officers find the task of locating their new enemies nearly impossible.  Packard learns the terrorist cell may have employees working inside the park, meaning he cannot trust anyone except his own men. A mysterious FBI agent tracks Branson to the park, adding yet another complication to Packard’s investigation. Unable to escape watchful eyes, Packard must trust his officers to help him discover the truth before thousands of innocent people die.”

According to the book description of The Brotherhood, “After the untimely death of his father, Mike Sheridan learns to live again. A city firefighter working near Chicago, Sheridan enters a particularly perilous summer where everything is not as it seems. His nephew is baptized into the fire department, unaware of the political dangers, coupled with a clever arsonist, who can make any fire or explosion look accidental. Sheridan finds himself combating a new volunteer fire department created through a political rift, which holds nearly as many dangers as the arsonist drawing Sheridan and his two firefighting brothers into danger over the course of the summer. Keeping a promise to his father to bring his family closer together becomes all the more difficult when the arsonist's work harms someone close to him. Realizing the law can't, or won't help him, Sheridan seeks out the man responsible at any cost.”

According to the book description of Reaper, “Firefighter Paul Clouse is the prime suspect when his wife of six years is brutally murdered on Halloween night. Working to restore the West Baden Springs Hotel, Clouse soon learns his friends, and the historic hotel, are targeted by a murderer disguised as the grim reaper. The horrific discovery that the killer may be someone close to him sends Clouse on a desperate search to discover the killer's identity and motive before all of his friends and family become victims.”

The Brotherhood
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The Sleeping Phoenix
Patrick J. O'Brian  More Info

Patrick J O'Brian  More Info

Sins of the Father: Book Three of the West Baden Murders Trilogy
Patrick O'Brian  More Info

Patrick J O'Brian  More Info

Sawmill Road
Patrick J O'Brian  More Info

Six Days
Patrick J. O'Brian  More Info

Snowbound: Book Four in the West Baden Murders Series
Patrick J. O'Brian  More Info

Ghosts of West Baden: Book Five in the West Baden Murders Series
Patrick O'Brian  More Info

Retribution: Book Two of the West Baden Murders Trilogy
Patrick O'Brian  More Info

Stolen Time
Patrick O'Brian  More Info

The Fallen
Patrick O'Brian  More Info

According to the book description of Snowbound, “What begins as a simple tour with an overnight stay soon becomes a fight for survival. Two years after the horrific murders at the historic West Baden Springs Hotel, an investment group seeks to buy the property, not entirely aware of the danger. Trapped in a mansion by a fierce blizzard, members of the group begin disappearing one by one. Everyone is a suspect, but no one can leave, and their only means of communication is sabotaged. A lost hunter and a mysterious deputy sheriff enter the mix as the past returns to haunt the visitors. The group members must trust one another and formulate a plan to survive until morning, or risk falling prey to the mansion's deadly traps.”

According to the book description of Dysfunction, “New York State Police Trooper Terry Levine must put aside his personal demons when several people are abducted by a serial killer. The killer typically spaces out the abductions, keeping his victims for months before murdering them, but this time the process is moving at an alarming rate. Levine, a former investigator, is asked by his old boss to check into the previous murders, which tie directly into the recent abductions.  What was supposed to be a pleasant homecoming the year prior has been nothing but disaster for the trooper and his family. Shot shortly after his return home, to the quiet Northern New York area, Levine finds himself haunted by the memories of murder victims from his old cases. Medication and visits to the psychiatrist help, but Levine realizes his salvation is ultimately in his own hands.  Now his youngest brother lies in an induced coma, fighting for his life, after collapsing mysteriously. Fighting to overcome his own problems, Levine digs into the past, unraveling the killer's insane motivation. With each abduction, new clues present themselves, allowing Levine and his task force to draw closer to the killer, toward an inevitable confrontation.”

According to the book description of Sins of the Father, “Paul Clouse believes his worries may finally be over. Though the past two years of his life have been horrific, he hopes things are going to change. His first wife was murdered, his son abducted, and his best friend killed by unknown assailants, but each time he has managed to survive. This Halloween the rules have changed, and the killer seems to stay one step ahead of everyone. Clouse finds himself losing more friends to the killer's grasp, and wonders exactly how he can stop a madman who seems to know more about the West Baden Springs Hotel and his life than anyone else around him. As the body count grows, the legend of Father Ernest returns to haunt Clouse one last time. His only hope is to sort through the past of the hotel and the people around him to discover the killer's identity before it's too late. A mysterious set of diaries left by the hotel's former occupants quickly become his only hope to save himself and everyone left around him.”

About the Muncie Fire Department

In first half of 2008, the Muncie Fire Department responded to over 3,000 calls for service, of those nearly 200 were fires.  According to the Muncie Fire Department, “each shift one Battalion Chief is in charge of Operations throughout the city. In addition, two Captains split command of the north and south areas of the city and typically respond from Stations 1 and 2. Muncie's 1 Rescue responds to extrications and specialty rescues throughout all of Delaware County from Station 1. This unique truck carries equipment for confined space rescue, swift water rescue and various other specialty rescue tools. Muncie's fleet includes both 4-man "Squads" and 3-man "Pumps." Muncie 1 and 2 Squad respond to ALS calls along with Delaware County EMS. They serve as frontline Engines, but also respond for additional manpower to all working fires and special incidents.”

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