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R.J. Haig “was born in Detroit Michigan in 1935. He lived in a section of the city known as Delray. This part of town is in the heart of the Seventh Battalion. When he went to work as a Firefighter he was assigned to this area. He spent his entire 30 year career in the Seventh Battalion. He retired as Captain of Ladder 13.

R.J. Haig was educated at Wayne State University and Henry Ford Community College. He has degrees in management and fire science. He gained writing experience as editor of the Firefighters Magazine. This was during his time as Seventh Battalion Director for Local 344 the Detroit Firefighter's Association. He also served that union as vice president and president during the turbulent 1980s.

R.J. Haig was appointed Sergeant of Arms for the International Association of Firefighter's convention in 1986. R.J. Haig sat on the executive board of the Metropolitan AFL-CIO. He served on the selection committee of the Metropolitan Realty Corp. He was charged with distributing funds to help investment in the City of Detroit. He was Fireman of the year in the Seventh Battalion in 1976. It has been the purpose of his life to promote the Fire Service.”  R.J. Haig is the author of Fire Horses.

According to the book description of Fire Horses, “The retired Firefighters attending a wedding in a small northern Michigan city were unaware of the danger they were about to encounter. All available units in the city had been called to battle a huge blaze at the state university. A fire occurs at the town hospital. People are trapped and help is needed. The Retirees are called on to fight one last fire. They must rely on all the knowledge and expertise they had acquired during their working years. This is a story about the sacrifice, camaraderie, and dedication that is the essence of every Firefighter's soul.”

Fire Horses
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About the Detroit Fire Department

According to the Detroit Fire Department, “In l860, the city fathers hastily hired Detroit's first paid fire fighters, an engineer, five hosemen, two drivers and a foreman to operate the first steam fire engine. The engine cost the city $3,l50 and was delivered from the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company of Manchester, N.H. It was named "Lafayette No. 1" and was housed on the northeast corner of Larned and Wayne streets. Neptune No. 2 steam engine and Phoenix No. 3 were purchased the following year. In l867, an act of the Michigan State Legislature established the Board of Fire Commissioners. The following year, a successful telegraph fire alarm system was installed.”

Today, the Detroit Fire Department is a modern agency organized in five divisions: Administration Division; Firefighting Division; Fire Marshal Division; Community Relations Division; Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division; Apparatus Division; Communications Division; Medical Division; Research and Development Division; and, Training Academy.

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