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Captain Steve Sporleder, Saratoga Fire District (ret.), has 32 years experience in the fire service.  He is the author of From Sleepy Lagoon to the Corner of the Cats, Gallivanting in the Gem City: Stories of Los Gatos, California, and A Fouled Nest.

According to the book description of From Sleepy Lagoon to the Corner of the Cats, “In his latest book, From Sleepy Lagoon to the Corner of the Cats, Steve Sporleder recounts the saga of four generations of la familia Reyes in powerful, moving terms. Through his consummate storytelling and details of setting and place, we are transported to 1917 when newlyweds Ramon and Monica Reyes flee the Mexican Revolution in search of the “American Dream.” In a defining moment in the 1940s, Miguel “Mickey” Reyes, their teenage son, makes a life-altering decision late one night in the outskirts of the barrios of Los Angeles that forever shapes this family’s destiny—a tragedy that propels the Reyes away from Sleepy Lagoon and north to the quiet and lush town of Los Gatos.”

According to the book description of Gallivanting in the Gem City: Stories of Los Gatos, California, “Turning the pages of this book is a step back into small-town life in Northern California. These memorable stories vibrate with nostalgia and warmth as they share the lives of the generations of families living their tears and their laughter in Los Gatos, California. When Steve Sporleder uncovers the trials and triumphs of these characters, they are so real they could be your next-door neighbors.  The Dirty Boys of Boo-Gang: A bucolic 1933 summer day turns tragic at the town swimming hole along Los Gatos Creek, catapulting three young boys toward manhood.  Sheen on the Water: A father brings his grieving family back to his roots to heal when a tragedy leaves his son without a mother. His son makes two new friends at middle school and they become entangled in a biker gang's criminal scheme, which leads to murder.  Tales From the Top Cat Tavern: Slide on up to the bar and sip a drink while Tilson, the bar owner, and Milky, the bartender, share three tales of their lives and their redemptions at the Top Cat Tavern. Their post-World War II tales are rich in nostalgia and as cozy as your mother's pot roast on Sunday.  Chief Spearmint:  An aging Indian chief, feeling that time has passed him by, finds new purpose in his four grandchildren and in teaching them the lessons he has learned from life and nature.  Il Vapore:  A young woman in war-torn Northern Italy harbors a terrible secret. When she marries an Italian-American GI, she leaves behind her painful past and moves to Los Gatos to start anew.”

About the Saratoga Fire District

According to the Saratoga Fire District, “The District employs 24 full-time firefighting personnel and approximately 25 volunteer firefighters. In addition, the district employs a fire chief, a business manager, assistant chief, fire marshall, EWAS coordinator and a part-time general office clerk. The district maintains a fire station at 14380 Saratoga Avenue and operates two "on-line" firefighting vehicles, one reserve vehicle, one command vehicle, a multi-purpose truck which performs rescue and serves as an additional source of air and light, and one administrative vehicle.

The Saratoga Fire District has a unique history of low response times, efficient service, and dedication to protecting our residents. It is the mission of the Saratoga Fire District to provide the most effective and efficient fire and life safety while protecting lives, property, and the environment within the district.”

According to the book description of A Fouled Nest, “In a starting mix of abrupt confessions, resurfacing memories, and disturbing clues, Venice Webb is left to piece together the incidents that have forever marked his family.  Venice fled the family nest in Los Gatos, California, as a young man, never understanding the reason for his father's neglect or the other bizarre family dynamics-and knowing he probably never would. Now, some thirty years later, the truth is closing in on him like a freight train at full speed. A former firefighter and recovering alcoholic in his mid-fifties, Venice spends his days trying to remain sober and working as a fire-cause investigator for a Seattle-based insurance company. But his daily routine is interrupted by a phone call from his older sister who tells him their father has died.  Although apathetic about his father, Venice heads back to Los Gatos to help his sister and uncle with funeral arrangements. Before long his bittersweet home­coming turns into a complete life change when he moves back home. This decision allows him to reconnect with his high school girlfriend and exposes more than one dark family secret.”

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