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Steven "Kelly" Grayson

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Steven “Kelly” Grayson, CCEMT-P, is a critical care paramedic and EMS instructor from Monroe, La. He has extensive experience in EMS education and was the president of the Louisiana EMS Instructor Society and a board member of the Louisiana Association of Nationally Registered EMTs. He operates the EMS training and consulting firm MEDIC Training Solutions.

Kelly also writes a monthly column for entitled The Ambulance Driver’s Perspective. He is a frequent lecturer at EMS conferences around the country, and is known for his engaging, humorous and often inspirational presentations. Kelly is single and currently lives in Kinder, Louisiana. He enjoys hunting and the shooting sports, and spending time on the water with his daughter.  When he is not teaching, Kelly prowls the streets in search of little old ladies who have fallen and can't get up. Steven “Kelly” Grayson is the author of En Route: A Paramedic's Stories of Life, Death, and Everything in Between.

According to the book description of En Route: A Paramedic's Stories of Life, Death, and Everything in Between, “Stephen “Kelly” Grayson has seen the best of us at our worst. When hearts stop working, when blood alcohol levels exceed limits we shouldn’t contemplate, when bodies are extricated from car wrecks, he’s been there to pick up the pieces, save our lives, and watch us slip away. His touching stories of life and death and the hilarious ones of times in between are here to give us an insight of what happens after we call 911, the ambulance doors close, or even what happens inside the ER when the nurse shows the family to the waiting room.

Kelly Grayson "gets it." He manages to capture the range of emotions in EMS - from the silliness that pervades some shifts to the feelings of despair as a life is lost. Kelly's book succeeds where other EMS "memoirs" fail. Namely, he shows his experiences without sounding overly maudlin or frivolous. Kelly's tone as he recollects his years of experience show him to be the experienced, excellent paramedic he is, without the need to overanalyze himself as so many EMS "memoirs" do. I'm always amazed by Kelly's experiences. Even though I'm a friend of his, I have learned about him (and being a paramedic) by reading his book.”

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