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T.J. Spencer or Tim, "is currently a professional firefighter with 27 years of experience as a Firefighter/EMT. He is also a published author and musician. Raised in the Seattle area with 7 siblings, and very strong family values, Tim S Castner has experienced many opportunities to learn and share. Placing integrity at the top of his list he forged through a maze of difficult obstacles and focused on the career of serving as a firefighter. He began testing and perfecting his knowledge as well as strength and enrolled into a college course to become an Emergency Medical Technician. Soon he was invited to join the National Ski Patrol and a local Volunteer Fire Department where he served for 10 years before becoming a Professional Firefighter and Public Safety Educator, where he has been serving for the past 18 years. He has trained in many disciplines of rescue and currently holds certification as a First Class Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician, Technical Rescue Team member, Wildland Team member and a vice president for the Benevolent Fund Program where he serves to assist members of the community.


He has studied early childhood development and has spent the past 14 years developing characters and books to share with children about the adventures of being a firefighter. Through his kind, animated and warm personality he writes childrens books sharing the exciting moments of select emergency calls he has run during his career. The stories are told through the characters he has developed with the same kind and gentle demeanor you will find in him.  Tim uses the pen name of TJ Spencer honoring his Grandmother Elizabeth Spencer Moquin."  TJ Spencer is the author of Nozzlehead's Christmas The Giving Tree, Nozzlehead's Big Adventure, Nozzlehead's Adventure "5 Alarm Fire", Nozzlehead's Adventure Book 2 "Helping Hands, Firefighter Nozzlehead Letter by Letter, Firefighter Nozzlehead What Firefighters Do, Nozzlehead Goes to Mexico, Firefighter Nozzlehead and the Funny Little Mask, The Fire Engine with Square Wheels, The Eagle with Glasses, Oscar the Giant Mouse and The Little Red Diet Book: The Secret to Losing Weight Right Now.

According to the book description of Nozzlehead's Christmas The Giving Tree, "Decorations are going up all over town and the community is full of excitement. Nozzlehead makes a visit to Santa to find a way to share with families in need and with Santa's help comes up with a brilliant solution. Learn how to make a giving tree. Nozzlehead also discovers Santa's one true wish and they each change roles in this wonderful tale of Santa, the jolly firefighter and Nozzlehead, the dedicated Santa."


According to the book description of Nozzlehead's Big Adventure, "When the fire alarm sounded, firefighters Nozzlehead, Halfcap, and Scout quickly donned their gear, jumped into their fire engine, and were off to the fire, which was a burning barn outside the town. With them was Spotnot, the fire station dog. Arriving at the burning barn, the firefighters first checked for any people or animals who might have been in danger, then proceeded to douse the fire. Meanwhile Spotnot has sighted a kitten who's climbed a tree in fear from the fire. The firefighters rescue the kitten and take it with them back to the station. They'll find a good home for the kitten, but for now the kitten will stay with them. Nozzlehead's Big Adventure is book 1 of a 3 book series written by a Professional Firefighter who shares his emergency calls with kids through the firefighter characters, Nozzlehead, Halfcap and Scout. Each book includes a FREE Video Download by scanning a code on the back cover. Together this team of firefighters put out fires, make rescues and assist community members as they take you on an adventure and show you what its like to be a firefighter in the city of Warmville. The characters are fun, kind, child friendly and loveable. Each story is packed with action and adventure as you ride along with them in a big Fire Engine or the Aid Car on their way to help others. The illustrations are colorful and full of detail and on occasion, there just might be a hidden object for you to find and rescue along the way. The stories are taken in part from actual 911 calls that the author has run during his career as a firefighter. They are shared in a way that will fill your child with adventure and open new doors of discovery that show them how firefighters live, work together, perform chores, receive emergency calls and go about the adventure of firefighting. We encourage you to read these books with your child and discuss the action, teamwork and problem solving that you will find in each book. The characters include Nozzlehead (middle aged) and Halfcap, (seasoned) and Scout, the first female firefighter at Warmville Fire and Rescue and a fire dog named Spotnot. Any idea how he got his name? There are no other books like these available anywhere, with the authenticity, dedication, insight and most certainly the illustrations as we reveal behind the curtain scenes of firefighting through Nozzlehead and his Team. Join us as we welcome Nozzlehead and his Big Adventure."


According to the book description of Nozzlehead's Adventure 5 Alarm Fire, "Nozzlehead and his team lead an intense fire attack and rescue trapped workers, ultimately saving them by utilizing teamwork and dedication. Faced with extreme danger, they overcome difficult odd's and bring a peaceful resolve. We close the series with a happy, successful crew and all of their friends. Nozzlehead's "5 Alarm Fire" is Book 3 in the Adventure Series. Each Book builds upon the previous and this final book brings much more excitement with a grand finale."

According to the book description of Nozzlehead's Adventure Book 2 Helping Hands, "Firefighters Nozzlehead, Halfcap, Scout and their fire dog help neighbors and assist the communities of Warmville. They find a home for the lost kitty and return their new friend. They also assist grandma when she requires medical attention and they discover that some fires can be safe as the crew investigates the cause of the smoke they see billowing from a neighborhood. The illustrations by Dodot Asmoro are once again too incredible to describe. This is a must have book for any toddler and even the toughest of firefighters out there. Nozzlehead's Adventure "Helping Hands" is Book 2 of a 3 book series written by a Professional Firefighter who shares scaled down versions of 911 calls that he has been on. Book 2 picks up where book 1 left off."


According to the book description of Firefighter Nozzlehead Letter by Letter, "Following the alphabet letter by letter, 2nd grade students, author and illustrate each letter describing something that relates to firefighting. Each Student decided on a topic and created the scene along with a description. Together they completed this book using all 26 letters of the alphabet in a very unique way right up to the letter "Z". Nozzlehead, through TJ Spencer and Mrs. Jamie Burcheci assisted these students to find their inner Author and Illustrator."


According to the book description of Firefighter Nozzlehead What Firefighters Do, "First Grade Students utilize their Illustration skills and author talents to show and explain "What Firefighters Do". Nozzlehead, through TJ Spencer and their teacher Mrs. Kristen Schutter engaged the students to create their own book. Each student created their own image and story to educate others as to firefighter's responsibilities. From fighting fires to medical calls, rescues and even saving cats from trees, the students capture exciting moments and share them all in this book."

According to the book description of Nozzlehead Goes to Mexico, "Firefighter Nozzlehead takes the reader on his Mexico Vacation to visit the firefighters there. We learn some Spanish and discover how firefighters fight fire in Mexico as Nozzlehead rides along with the crew. Adventure, Friendship, kindness and diversity are featured in this book along with beautiful images of whales, dolphins and a Mexican Sunset."


According to the book description of Firefighter Nozzlehead and the Funny Little Mask, "With a dinosaur, a cowboy, a princess, a clown and a doctor, Nozzlehead shares all about the Funny Masks that Firefighters wear into a fire to make a rescue. Often kids are alarmed or frightened when they see them in a mask with their big fire suits. Nozzlehead's Funny Little Mask brings laughter and fun into the mix with all of these friendly characters, showing each wearing their own Funny Mask. In doing so, the reader will learn more about each component and identify the firefighter as a friend in the event of a rescue. Changing fear into safety with a little bit of education and fun."


According to the book description of The Fire Engine with Square Wheels, "Evan is the newest and finest fire engine ever, but he is never taken to a call to make a rescue. He seems to have a bumpy problem and could use your help discovering and overcoming this design flaw. The fire engine with square wheels."

According to the book description of The Eagle with Glasses, "An eagle hatches and finds a world of beautiful colors. As he grows his parents examine why he can't seem to see clearly and decide to take him to the Eagle Eye Doctor for an exam. He leaves with a new vision and excitement as he makes new discoveries with his new glasses."


According to the book description of Oscar the Giant Mouse, "Oscar was small, too small to keep up, or play with other mice his age. He wanted a friend. One day he met a friend, a BIG friend. He discovered that courage isn't limited to size. Oscar makes a daring save during a frightful event and ends up being a hero with lots of friends. Discovering courage and acting on it helps others to realize our physical size is not the measure for friendship."

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