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Firefighter Will Wyatt “was born near Tulane University in the Crescent City of New Orleans, Louisiana. Will grew up in the southern New Jersey suburbs near Philadelphia and graduated from high school there.  Will has been involved in the fire service for twenty-five years, starting off as a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Along the way, Will has been a firefighter, a full-time training officer, a fire marshal, and has held numerous other ranks. Will earned an associate's degree in fire protection from Houston Community College and is a certified Texas Master Firefighter.

Will likes to hunt, fish, kayak, and wait for the elusive flounder run. He is also an avid hockey fan.  Today, Will is an Engineer/Operator with the Village Fire Department in west Houston.” Will Wyatt is the author of And a Paycheck, too!

According to the book description of, And a Paycheck, too!, “Houston are firefighter Will Wyatt pulls readers into a word where men and women serve their communities with courage, surviving with their senses of humor intact.  He shares the times when his work is terrifying, the times when it is boring, and the times that come back to haunt him.

Like many of his comrades, Will feels his profession is under attack – not by terrorists but by city governments.  Budgets are being slashed, companies are  being closed, and manpower severely reduced.  The trend in budget cuts is making fire stations less effective and more overwhelmed…and it’s getting worse every day.

Despite it all, Will shares the hilarious and harrowing stories that amount to just another day at the office for a firefighter.  But make no mistake, and he’ll tell you every time, he’s nobody special. Not a hero.  Not a star.  Just a guy doing his job.”

Firefighter Will Wyatt

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