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Kelly Daugherty

About the Shelby Township Fire Department

According to the Shelby Township Fire Department, “the 60 sworn members of the Shelby Township Fire Department are charged with protecting the lives and property of over 75,000 persons. In 2009 we responded to 3929 emergency medical calls and 722 fire alarms for a total of 4691 calls from four fire stations within the township.

Although it still says Fire Department over our doors, the Shelby Township Fire Department has grown far beyond this historical role established over 50 years ago. Today, in addition to fire suppression and emergency medical response, our personnel are crossed trained in disciplines as varied as Water Rescue, Hazardous Materials Response, Confined Space and Rope Rescue. With constant training and modern equipment, our goal is to provide the finest possible service 24 hours a day, every day of the year.”

Selected book by a Shelby Township Fire Department member.

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