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Gary B. Clark

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About the Saratoga Fire District

According to the Saratoga Fire District, “The District employs 24 full-time firefighting personnel and approximately 25 volunteer firefighters. In addition, the district employs a fire chief, a business manager, assistant chief, fire marshall, EWAS coordinator and a part-time general office clerk. The district maintains a fire station at 14380 Saratoga Avenue and operates two "on-line" firefighting vehicles, one reserve vehicle, one command vehicle, a multi-purpose truck which performs rescue and serves as an additional source of air and light, and one administrative vehicle.

The Saratoga Fire District has a unique history of low response times, efficient service, and dedication to protecting our residents. It is the mission of the Saratoga Fire District to provide the most effective and efficient fire and life safety while protecting lives, property, and the environment within the district.”

Selected book by a Saratoga Fire District member:

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